Scheduling Calendar System for iOS Device
The Ultimate Imagination On The Scheduling Of Everyday Things.
Real Calendar

Simply you can write on it as you do on your desktop calendar. You can define agenda, write a note, give a title, and mark with emoji characters on it.

View all the items without boundaries

The calendar adjusts its display boundaries to accommodate all the items it contains. And no borders of screen exist between the calendar units, you can scroll freely as time just flows without any articulation.

From the big picture to the small details

Some calendars display only the fixed amount of items to show the big picture at a glance. But they also display the details for the selected item.

User-configurable and experimental features

The whole option settings are provided for the calendars with unique experimental features.

Everyday Things

Not just simple title and date, you can record almost all the items available on the smart device - photos, document, voice record, memo, website, phone, email, SMS, location, participant.

All-X things

There are all-day things like Christmas. But we believe that there exist also all-week, all-month, all-quarter, and all-year things like 'See you next week' or 'Do something on May'. You can manage these all-x things with this application.

Heavy-duty and full-featured

10+ daily schedules that repeat forever, 100+ weekly, monthly and yearly ones, 50+ subscribed calendars. This application was tested and optimized in that situation.

Don't afraid of gathering all the information you want. Your information is always synced seamlessly with iCalendar, Reminder, Google Calendar, Google Task and iCloud.

Scheduling Calendar

You can organize things with user-definable contexts, categories and tags. All the events and tasks can have sub-folders as much levels as you want.

You can design a complex schedule like one, which repeats in every other year on 1st Monday and the last Sunday of April, May and December for next 10 occurrence with excluding some instances among them.

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